The Green Route – Bangalore Mangalore Train

The Bangalore Mangalore Train Travel is really feels like heaven on earth!!! The Train passes through some of the most picturesque hills of the western ghats. The western ghats have some the most beautiful tourist places inside of its deep thick forests and it is a beautiful tourist place near Bangalore. The train pulls up through these ghats chug-chugging along the bridges (more than 100 bridges!!!) and tunnels (more than 50 tunnes!!!). The whole stretch of the railway line passes through a number of such bridges and tunnels. Walking on these bridges is supposed to be the most thrilling part of this trek.

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You are high up in the hills, walking on the bridge, with ground at more than a 100 ft below your feet. You have nothing to hold on to, and one wrong step could leave you hurling down to the valley below. You have to be really careful and alert. And the tunnels are another story. If the train comes through when you are walking inside a tunnel, all you can do is wedge yourself in the small 4 ft space in between the speeding train and the tunnel wall, as the train brushes past your face. It is a shaky experience.

The Railway track between Donigal near Sakleshpur and Subramanya Road, near Kukke Subrahmanya, popularly known as ‘The Green Route’ because of its nature’s beauty. This stretch of the track with length about 52kms. It is a trekker paradise and best tourist place. The best season to trek is October to march.

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