Mandalapatti – Feel like Heaven

The Mandalpatti hills are situated at a distance of 30 kms from the Madikeri town which comes enroute the famous Abbey falls. There is a well connected system of roads which deviates from the Abbi falls and reaches Mandalpatti. The approximate difference in distance of both the locations is just 4 kms.

The trekking route in Mandalpatti is one of the finest in the Pushpagiri range of forests, which spreads from the region of Subrahmanya to Somwarpet.

This place is truly a marvel of nature as visitors throng to the place for the early morning glimpse of the sun rising over the mist laden peaks of the western ghats. Besides, Mandalpatti usually has salubrious climate all year around except for the monsoon period, from June to mid August.

It is advised to start the trek after getting equipped with all necessary provisions as there are very few places to rest or shops having refreshments along the way. The best time to visit this region is usually once the monsoon has passed and when the cold winter sets in.

For all those individuals who possess a streak of adventure would surely admire the breathtaking views which can be witnessed during the winter months.


As you know, Coorg is a favourite tourist destination for every Indian travellers. In Kodagu, Mandalpatti is a  must visit tourist place in Kodagu. And its a magical beauty and an absolutely scenic place in Coorg. Mandalpatti hills are located around 25 km from Madikeri town en route to Abbi falls. A right deviating road just 4 kms before Abbi Falls will lead to Mandalpatti. As bus facility is not available yet taking a cab or own vehicle is advised.


The road is good till the deviation. After that its a little bad in patches. But you will forget that when you see the beauty of the place. There is a forest office where you need to buy a ticket to go up till the view point.. The view is breathtaking from there…

Make sure to take water and food along as there are no shops around there. Once on the top of the hills the beauty of Mandalpatti is unwrapped. Far stretching green mountains and the cool breeze will definitely make one feel like heaven.

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